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Krysta Ferrara Flynotes
Krysta Ferrara Flynotes
Krysta Ferrara Flynotes
Flynotes Drum Circle

           Krysta is a multi-talented professional who brings her expertise in music, art, and education to her work. Alongside her Ten year-old son Augustine, they founded Flynotes .Inc in 2020 as an umbrella organization that supports early childhood development and beyond, while creating awareness and appreciation for the arts.

           One of the main attractions of Flynotes is Ms. Krysta's live acoustic music performances and voice, which feature traditional children's songs with a modern twist. Her engaging classes are perfect for music classes or birthday events and are suitable for children from 9 months to 7 years old, and is just as much about bringing parents together to create lasting friendships. With a variety of instruments, seasonal songs, and activities such as parachute play, bubbles, and drum circles, the classes provide fun for the entire family. Ms. Krysta travels to your location anywhere on the Long Island, NY and offers weekly music sessions at select locations throughout the year.


          Flynotes also offers high-quality face painting packages for events. The packages include a director-style chair for children to receive their makeovers, a beautiful paint station, and a variety of options such as glitter, hair extensions, jewels, and more.


But that's not all - Ms. Krysta also paints elaborate murals and Ukuleles by commission. At Flynotes, we believe that music and art concepts are beneficial at every age, from 0-2 to as old as you. Whether you join a "We FLY Together" music class, have seen a mural or received some entertainment at an event, or simply support from the audience, welcome to the Flynotes community!

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Join Ms. Krysta, experience the magic of Flynotes!



Each week I Introduce Seasonal Music, Activities & Spotlight Instruments!

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