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k-flynotes Ferrara
Aug 25, 2021
In Welcome to the Arts Forum
No matter the age, encourage “PLAY” time with the instrument or voice - Even if this means you have to hide yourself in a sound proof room during, before or after... Encourage yourself or a young one to play! Allow mistakes and creativity to flow…leavening the Hiccups for the teacher to work on. WHEN? I know we all have jam packed lives- but Seriously 10- 15 minutes of music creation of any type IS beneficial at every age. Don‘t forget your ears are always at work! Have you tried asking yourself or your little one questions about sounds that happen around you? Anywhere! not only with their focus instrument… Our world is so visually rich but it is also abundant with sounds🗣 Ask questions In the car While watching a show- At a party, walking, eating, bike riding or passing a ball ! It’s a great topic to chat about. YES! Ask some questions - 🎶Here are some to try🎶 How does this sound or song make you feel? Is that a happy sound or a sad sound ? What is making that noice ? What instrument or could that be ? What is this song about ? How does the character feel? What are the drums for in music? (This can look like a mindful moment to hear quite sound as well- the sound of the wind or the bugs at night) WHY? It has been proven that music Expands listening skills, language and literacy development, social emotional skills as well as problem solving solving and all the while it feeds our Imagination!! Q. Did you know that even with adult students these simple questions are very helpful? Becoming an artist means asking questions and discovering the world around us through a “what if“ lens- this process also helps us process our own thoughts and feelings on experiences and situations. -Conclusion- Everyone learns and understands things at different paces. Regardless of learning type siting with the material a teacher has given to you will help prepaid you for the next step! For children and adults it is important to learn how to problem solve, explore, and create. These skills can be improved upon If the teacher is successful in engaging and inspiring a students creativity! Our lessons are focused on listening skills, echoing, mirroring and creating and discussing music concepts and problem solving with and without the teacher Giving a student something they can figure out and master is the first step! Building confidence is a necessity in skill building, the mind set is more open and is more comfortable making mistakes, therefore learning from those mistakes becomes easier! To my young and old students, just keep playing ! Thank you for reading! Be Well, Ms. Krysta Ferrara
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k-flynotes Ferrara

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