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FALL 2023

To register, please take the time to READ & fill out the information below so that we can create schedules for our teachers!


Ms. SAM- Music Therapist, Teacher (Nassau- Suffolk)

Ms. TINA- Music Therapist, Performer,Teacher (Massapequa- RVC)

Ms. FAITH- Music Therapist, Teacher (Massapequa- RVC)

Mr. ZACH- Teacher, Educator, Performer (Huntington -East Setauket)

 Mr. IAN- Teacher Performer (Oceanside, RVC)

We will send you a confirmation email to chat with you about your student and prefered scheduled lesson time within two weeks. once finalized-

Payment due upon receipt of invoice. 

8 Weeks $515 

(Package Expires by September- You Must schedule Make-ups with your teachers before September)

Choose your lesson of choice!
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